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Roadworthy Certificate Toowoomba

Road Worthy Certificate Toowoomba

Do you know that anyone intending to sell their car needs to have a Roadworthy Certificate in Toowoomba? The same goes if your vehicle is undergoing re-registration. Learn more about this process and how Toowoomba Car Doctors can assist you with it.

What is a Roadworthy Certificate in Toowoomba?

roadworthy certificate is a certificate issued only by a licensed tester from a certified car service station in Toowoomba, such as Toowoomba Car Doctors. This is a necessary document before vehicles can be sold and for used cars to be re-registered. This aims to reduce poorly maintained vehicles on the road that can cause accidents and breakdowns because it certifies that a vehicle is in good working condition. 

What does a Roadworthy Inspection include?

The inspection for Roadworthy certification is not for the general condition of a car. This may only include inspection of the major safety items like the following:

    • Seats and seatbelts
    • Vehicle’s structure
    • Wheels and tyres
    • Lamps and reflectors
    • Suspension, steering, and braking systems
    • Windscreen and windows – it includes the front windscreen’s washers and wipers
    • Safety-related items on the engine, chassis, and body

    What happens if a vehicle did not pass?

    If a vehicle fails to pass the inspection of the major safety-related items, a rejection notice will be sent to the owner. You’ll have seven days to fix the problem and return to the tester for the second round of inspection. If you fail to return after seven days, your vehicle will start for a complete inspection again.

    Why Choose Toowoomba Car Doctor

    Toowoomba Car Doctor has a team of expert mechanics for your vehicle’s specific inspection needs. With our 35 years of experience in car services and repairs, we ensure to give you an accurate inspection result of your car. 

    We will not only be able to assist you with your vehicle’s roadworthy certification in but we can also help you with mechanical repair needs in Toowoomba. Talk to us and let us assist you with your roadworthy certificate. Send us a message, today.

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